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Anonymous: My crush saw a pic of my little sister who is biracial and said that she was gonna be hotter than me when she got older because her hair and skin. He then asked why she wasnt dark and nappy like me. My stomach hurts. I really liked him.



Don’t worry, there’s better guys out there that will see you for who you are and aren’t shitty like he is.


I don’t even want to think how poorly this guy would have treated her over time if he saw no issue with saying that to her about her own sibling. It’s evidence of colorism and no one needs it. Those of fairer skin don’t need that sort of self-esteem boost and those of tint don’t need the hate. I would have said disrespect, but there’s something too sinister about finding ALL darker toned people unattractive, as if more melanin makes one less attractive.

Does this person even KNOW what beauty is? 

I hope Anon wasn’t too invested with this guy. He can’t be trusted and doesn’t deserve to lick the gum off her sole.

This same thing happened to me, except he was actually my boyfriend. He use to compare me to his ex’s who he described as “thick, long curly hair, light skinned with hazel or green eyes” (the exact opposite of me & also the perfect description of my sister) He NEVER let me forget how he normally didn’t go for, or was attracted to “girls like me”. He asked me shit like, "Why are you darker than all of your sisters?" and "how do you feel about your sister growing up to be prettier than you?". I didn’t talk to anyone about it because I was ashamed, I guess. We only lasted 2 months, though it felt much longer. Smh… Anyway… I stopped all communication with that asshole. It took me 4 years to actually start dating again, because 1) I really needed to be alone and fall in love with myself and 2) after that disastrous relationship I was very cautious of who I allowed to be in my presence and bask in all of my greatness. 

my dear, who told you your skin wasn’t beautiful. you are the color of the earth and flowers can only grow in deep rich soil.

Yashomati maiyya se bole Nandlala, Radha kyun gori, main kyun kala

D. Kaur

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Bill Withers. Bill Withers. Bill Withers.
I am sorry that your government hates you. We saw what happened in Katrina. I’m sorry that your government hates you.
Melissa Harris-Perry recounts how, on a 2009 visit to Africa, a South African, who had lived under Apartheid, expressed pity for her, a black American from a recently Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans [ x ] (via odinsblog)